Think you don't need a wedding video?
Think again.


"We had initially decided not to have a wedding videographer but had a last minute change of heart and we are so glad that we did. Our wedding day seemed to go by unbelievably quickly and so it’s been wonderful to look back and remember all of the little bits we’d already forgotten"


Maybe you’re just not inspired by some of the wedding films you see online and even thinking about not having one at all.  But the thought that you might regret it  nags at you.

I’m not just a wedding videographer. 

I listen to you and focus on the things that really happen, the people you chose to be there, you and your partner, and what makes your wedding yours, and totally unique to you. 

Emotion, gestures, dancing, wine, fancy lights and funny faces and jokes and laughter. 

I don’t have any preconceptions of how your wedding film should be or should look.  People full of character, laughter, fun, sadness, dancing, stories, drinking and, of course, Love.

"Just be yourself, there is no one better."  

You won’t see me running around all over the place getting in the way, it’s a wedding, and I want to make sure you have as much time doing wedding stuff and having a wonderful time.  It’s just me, with up to 2 or 3 cameras positioned discreetly, working closely with the photographer and the venue at every point of the day.

From a boho gathering on a farm, to a gorgeous French chateau, a castle or a country mansion or manor. Haute couture to fancy dress, formal or  informal. From hundreds of guests from all over the world, to a simple elopement, I’m right there with you from the start to the end of the day, capturing it as it is.

You’re both special and unique in your own way—in what you’re like, how you met, where you come from, what you do, or how you want your wedding day to be. I’ll listen and intuitively draw out the elements to make your wedding film truly reflect you and your day so you treasure it—after all it’ll become part of your family history. 

Check out my About Me, or my Films pages if you’re interested to know more, or get in touch via my contact form to check I’m free for your date.