Think you don't need a wedding video?
Think again.


A Wedding Videographer based in Tunbridge WElls, Kent, uk

"We had initially decided not to have a wedding videographer but had a last minute change of heart and we are so glad that we did. Our wedding day seemed to go by unbelievably quickly and so it’s been wonderful to look back and remember all of the little bits we’d already forgotten"


Do you want more than just a wedding film – you want your story told in a timeless and artistic film that in thirty years’ time will remind you and others of just how beautiful, unique and fun your wedding was? 

I create films using a romantic and creative documentary approach that will still look beautiful when your grandchildren watch it, and transport you back to that time and place and tell the story of your big day just as it happened, with all the joy, tears and funny moments…

You’ll rarely see any cliché static clips of the dress, the cake and the ring or the hotel signs with no-one there, as I normally leave these still images to  your photographer. You get a completely different experience seeing these items in the context of the day, and I prefer to tell the story of  your special day with movement and emotion. My focus is on discreetly filming how you and the people around you are feeling and doing and the flow of the day.

One size doesn’t fit all.  I don’t approach your wedding with a formula in mind. Instead I look for the unique moments you’ll treasure when looking back, that loving ‘look’, the squeeze of your hands, the funny and the emotional moments.  I  get to know you and your venue to make sure I make the most of every opportunity for beautiful moving images and framing as well as the storytelling. Telling the story is the most important thing for me, and I take the time to personalise the edit of your wedding—no two weddings are the same.

Please get in touch with my by text or call me on +44 (0)7963 506636, or email me at hello@artoflifefilms.com, or via my contact form, if you’d like to check if I’m free for your date,  and I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding plans!