Beautiful and romantic wedding films,
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"Heather is very responsive and informative and knew exactly how to get our ideas of what we wanted into our film. This put us at ease as the thought of cameras all day was initially quite daunting, and actually on the day I forgot she was even there."

Susanna & Barry

Do you know that you want a  timeless and artistic film that in thirty years’ time will remind you and others of just how beautiful, unique and fun your wedding was, as well evoking tears, laughter and joy, and capturing the emotion of your wedding day? Naturally but authentically you, but more than that, the very best version of you.

I aim for a romantic and creative documentary approach that will still look beautiful when your grandchildren watch it, but still transport you back to that time and place and tell the story of your big day as it happened, but it will look softer, so it looks even more beautiful.

You won’t find any cliché still clips of the dress, the cake and the ring or the hotel signs; I leave the stills to  your photographer. You’ll still see them in your film, but they’ll be in context, as my focus is on what you and the people around you are feeling and doing and the flow and happenings of the day.

One size doesn’t fit all.  I don’t approach your wedding with a formula in mind; instead I look for the unique moments you’ll treasure when looking back, that loving ‘look’, the squeeze of your hands, the funny and the emotional moments.  I’m pretty well-organised too. I  get to know you and your wedding to make sure I maximise the opportunities for beautiful imagery and framing as well as the storytelling. The storytellling is paramount to me, and I love taking the time to personalise the edit each wedding—no two weddings are the same!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what’s involved or you’re worried about how to look your best—I’ll help you with the timeline, positioning and scheduling, carefully blending where to give you direction to get the very best angles and poses, with quietly shooting the rest of the day as it naturally unfolds, so that your filming experience is seamless.  You won’t be wishing you were the bride in the films you’ve admired online—you’ll be that bride, but you’ll love your film even more as it’ll be you.

I always aim to keep my footprint minimal, so you and your guests can enjoy your day.  My couples often forget I’m there. It’s just me, and my cameras, so you don’t have to worry about a film crew taking over and spoiling the day for you and your guests. I’m sensitive to what you want and need  and will take my cue from getting to know you—so if you hate posing or standing about for hours with a fixed smile, that’s fine.  Equally,  if you prefer to take some time out for special moments, that’s good with me too.

You’re in love with each other and life,  and you believe in living life to the full and you care about having a beautiful film of your day, their your family and friends that captures the story of your day.  You value the stylish touch, but want something a bit different, real and personal.  It’s all about heart and style, but without sacrificing the genuine moments. 

There’s a lot to plan and going on and you know  it’s going to be stressful and demanding at times.  On the day, I’m calm and easy-going, and a great listener, I’m the perfect person to have around to calm the nerves and reduce stress.  Most of all,  it’s about you and your day, not me.

In my spare time, I love travelling, wildlife safaris, beautiful places and nature, and of course, making time with friends and family.  Favourite countries include Namibia, and Sri Lanka, and  I also lived in Spain for many years and speak fluent Spanish. I love all weddings but because of my travels and my time working overseas,  I have a particular soft spot for fusion weddings of different cultures and languages.

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