Cinematic and documentary style films
of weddings and events.


Art of Life Films specialises in beautiful cinematic
and documentary style wedding and event films.


Art of Life Films, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, is run by Heather Hughes, who has more than 14 years’ experience in photography and production, before moving into wedding and event filming.  She is an experienced wedding videographer with a wide range of photographic styles as well as having received formal training in narrative filmmaking with industry professionals.

I called my company Art of Life Films, as I wanted something that would convey the sense of my cinematic and documentary styles for filming your special day with family and friends and to get across a feeling of celebration, beauty and romance of the finished films.

I love storytelling, motion, sound and music, which is why I decided to move from photography into filmmaking. I also love people and people-watching, and capturing their uniqueness, their individuality, energy and style. To be able to make beautiful moving stories of such a special event feels very special to me and I aim to capture the emotions and feelings of the day, and show who you and those close to you really are.

When not shooting weddings and events, I love travelling, and taking photos and videos of wildlife, nature, and of course, people. I have travelled extensively in India and Africa, as well as in Europe, Central America and Australia. I also lived in Spain for many years and speak fluent Spanish. As a result, I love finding inspiration from those countries for filming and you can see my other work on www.lightninginabottle.co.uk . I also used to be a semi-professional fusion bellydancer, and started my photographic journey by photograph and filming dancers. I love wonderful TV dramas, art and crafts, fashion and costume, good food, friends, swimming, sunshine and being by the sea. When not working I love trying out different gins (gin and tonic is my favourite drink – how did you guess?)

I have worked in book publishing and production as a manager, facilitator, and mentor, and what I loved most about my job was being able to bring out the best in my teams, so that they could become the very best they could and wanted to be. Bringing out the best in others is part of my core, my meaning in life.  I listen to you, to understand exactly what you want and to deliver what you want on your special day, capturing the detail of your day, the laughter, the tears, the jokes and fun, and of course, the loving looks.

I aim to be as discreet as possible during the ceremony itself, and to mingle with the guests during the reception, interacting with them as everyone relaxes into the day and evening. I prefer using natural light where possible to capture the atmosphere of the day, but I’ll use appropriate lighting where necessary to get that filmic style to your film footage.

I am creative, adventurous and easy-going and I love working with couples who are looking for something artistic, stylish, maybe a bit different, but also real and personal. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. I’d love to tell the story of your wedding day by creating a short film of the day that you’ll love and treasure for ever.