Wedding Content Creation

Opt for content creation if it’s important for you to be able to relax and enjoy your day but you really want to have video clips and photos for you to be able to edit and post almost immediately…

Thinking about hiring a content creator for your wedding day?

Reasons to hire a content creator…

  • Get videos and photos of your special day so you can relive it and also share them on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.
  • Get your moments right away, as seen from the eyes of a ‘guest’ so you can share with friends and family whereever they may be
  • Relax and enjoy your wedding knowing that a professional ‘guest’ will be taking care of creating your social media videos and photos
  • Take the pressure off your guests so they can enjoy the celebration without being distracted by creating videos and photos for you
  • Receive all your ‘raw’ wedding clips and smartphone photos so you can edit these how you wish
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Services & Packages

Regardles of which content creator package you choose, you should receive all your unedited raw clips and photos within 48 hours of your wedding, if not sooner.

I also provide short-form edited videos for either Instagram or TikTok with the Reel Moments or The Ultimate Duo packages.

All the packages include 1 to 1 planning sessions with me as I’ll need to know you both well in order to be able to deliver the footage that resonates with you both.

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The Raw Footage

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Ideal if you want to do all the editing yourself, and want the raw footage and clips from your day.

  • 1 shooter
  • 8 to 10 hours
  • Unedited clips & photos
  • Next day delivery




Reel Moments

Reel Films Highlights Package gourmet wedding canapes - Hire a content creator for your wedding day

In addition to all the raw unedited clips and photos, you’ll receive 6 to 8 fully edited IG or Tiktok videos (20 to 60 seconds each)

  • 1 shooter
  • 8 to 10 hours
  • 6 to 8 recap videos




The Ultimate Duo

Dynamic Duo luxury wedding buffet - Hire a content creator for your wedding day

You get me and a second shooter, so you get even more coverage, ideal if you’re having a large wedding or have special requests for trending videos.

  • 2 shooters
  • 12 to 15 hours
  • 10 to 12 recap videos



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What’s my style?

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I’m very much a fly-on-the wall documentary style content creator, and I aim to get lots of footage and photos of your guests as well as you having the time of your lives. If you want any videos that are on trend, like transition videos, let me know and we’ll work with your photographer and videographer’s timeline to ensure this can work for you. But often the best videos are the ones that are totally unplanned, that have special surprise moments.

I don’t copy the photographer’s or videographer’s shots as my feeling is that you want deliverables from each of us that are different. I don’t shoot over the photographer’s shoulder but I may take shots or clips that also include the photographer and videographer (called ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘bts’ ‘photos), as they’re obviously very much part of your wedding day.

As you can see from my site, I love all things analogue and film, so if you want Polaroids, film photography, this can also be combined with content creator package to create a totally bespoke option for you. Just get in touch to let me know what you’d like.

What to expect if you book me as your content creator…

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The 1-2-1 sessions

If you book me as your content creator, we’ll have at least one 1-2-1 session so I can get to know you, your partner and hear all about your day and what sort of content you love.

This is particularly important if I’m editing the recap videos for you, as I’ll need to know what your social media style is and what you like and want from the day.

Feel free to research what you like, put together a moodboard. and get a feel for what sort of content you like.

I’ll liaise closely with you and your other suppliers; your photographer and videographer, so we can all work seamlessly together.


On your wedding day

I’ll be shooting photos and clips with my smartphone throughout the day. If you’re not having a videographer then I will also record audio from the key speakers, readers and you during the day. I can also capture drone footage for you weather and venue permitting.

I shoot portrait (vertical) images and video—this is the key difference between me as a content creator and the other suppliers. Videographers generally record their long-form videos in landscape mode, and you can expect your photographer to shoot a mix of portrait and landscape images.

You’ll receive unedited photos and videos—I only cull the obviously blurry videos, duplicates or anything that ends up being too short or not worth saving for another reason.

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After the wedding…

You can expect to receive the unedited raw videos and photos within 48 hours of your wedding, and often even sooner after your wedding.

At our 1-2-1 we’ll discuss the best way of transferring over the clips and photos to you but clients often like to use either Dropbox or WeTransfer. Your content will be sorted into folders so it’s easy to look out the images for a particular stage of the day. I’ll also include a ‘Favourites’ folder with the clips I feel are the best. If you have any questions about your footage and photos, and any edited photos, please feel free to message me to ask.

FAQs about content creation


I think it’s worth talking to your photographer or videographer about this, to find out exactly what it is that they’re concerned about, as the photographs and videos taken by a content creator are totally different from those taken by your photographer. It may be that they feel concerned that I’ll push out photographs or videos before they’re ready—well, I’m sure we can come to an agreement that works for everyone.

I never copy the photographer’s or videographer’s style or shots as I believe strongly that you’ve hired me to capture a different point of view from them and/or your videographer.

If you want content creation, definitely talk to the photographer and videographer about this before you book them or pay a deposit.


You get a gallery of video clips and photographs taken on your wedding day from start to finish. If you’ve asked me to focus on getting particular types of shots I’ll obviously prioritise and do my best to get these for you. Likewise for drone footage if that’s something you want and if your videographer (if you’re having one) isn’t doing ths for you.

If you’re not having a videographer then I’ll also record audio during the day as I feel this is such a special extra.

The videos and photographs will be ‘raw’ and unedited and in 4k. I only delete videos which are blurred, or which turn out to be totally uninteresting.

Your videos will be organised into folders so you can easily find the photos and videos for each stage of your wedding day.


If you want edited videos, I can do this as part of the premium packages (Reel Moments and The Ultimate Duo package).

Before your wedding we’ll talk, so I know exactly what sort of videos you like the most—and that we get this on the day.

I’ll normally edit the videos I feel stand out as the best—the most fun, interesting for sharing with your friends and family,


I always use licensed music for my edited videos and I’ll provide you with a licence code. I’m happy to share my libraries with you so you can choose the type of music you want for your highlight edits. However, depending on the song your choose, you may need to pay extra for the music licence.

I can supply video edits without music as well or as separate clips in folders so you can add the music yourself.


If you have anything you’d like to know about me being your content creator for the day, please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you!