The wedding film 'timeline'

It may be that it’s the first time you’ve ever  hired a videographer, so not surprisingly, you may not be sure what’s involved, or how to make sure you get the best film and experience you can. 

So I’ve put together an overview of what you can expect, before, during and after your wedding, so there are no nasty surprises. 

First of all, it will always be me that films your wedding, and me that you’ll deal with from start to finish via emails and on the phone, so  you’ll get the personal touch at every stage of the process.

This timeline shows you what’s happening, or what I’m doing, at each stage, so you can see what you’re getting. If you have any questions or feel I’ve missed anything out, please do just shout out! 

Before your wedding day
Zoom/phone chat about your wedding

I like to get to know you as well as I can before your wedding, as that way you'll feel I'm part of the scenery by the by the time your wedding happens. I can cover your wedding as discreetly as possible, and I'll be there for all of it, from start to finish. There's nothing like a face-to-face chat to break the ice beforehand, as well as address any questions or concerns you have. Don't worry if you haven't planned it all yet...!

The Quote...

You've probably already seen my brochure, and already checked out the type of films I do. After our chat I'll send you a personalised quote, with the options you want as well as any suggested add-ons you might want to consider now or later, along with any discounts. Then it's down to you to decide if I'm the videograper for you, and click 'accept' if you'd like to go ahead. 

Deposit, Contract, Questionnaire

I normally take a 20% deposit, or enough to cover travel expenses (whichever is higher) at the time of booking; this is to reserve the date, so no-one else can book me for that date, and also to reserve accommodation and travel as needed.

The contract sets out what we've agreed, so it's clear to everyone what you're getting. 

I also send out a questionnaire at the same time; this makes sure I have all the information I need about your day in order to plan the filming.

You're booked in!

The contract and questionnare are in, the deposit is paid. 

Between 3 to 6 months before your wedding, I'll send you your first (short) e-book guide to the filming, so you know what to expect, and to cover off any more questions we might have.

We'll probably have another zoom or phone chat to check some of the details of the wedding plans. 

I'll contact the venues, the photographer and the celebrant, to introduce myself, and check how they work, so you get the best from all of us.

At this stage I'll be drafting a rough plan of where I'll be at what time during the day, and making initial plans for the story of the film.

If there are any pre-shoots you've asked for, or your having a rehearsal, we'll organise these as well.

Final payment

After the final payment, we'll have another zoom/phone call to double-check the wedding arrangements. 

I'll send you your second (short) e-book guide to preparations for the filming, along with a 'call sheet', which is basically a plan of what I'll be shooting on the day. I'll share this with you, so you can double-check I've covered what you want in the filming.


I'll give you a call between 1 or 2 weeks before your wedding, depending on where it is or how many locations it's in, to double check the details, and answer any questions you have, or any concerns, so you feel reassured.

Setting off / final check-in...

If you're not local, chances are I'll be setting off between 1 to 3 days before your wedding, maybe earlier if we've agreed I'm coming to a rehearsal.  So I'll give you a call before I go, and let you know where I'll be, so I'm always contactable if you need me.

If it's a destination wedding I'll be there in good time to document the build-up to your wedding.

Your Wedding Day
Filming the day from start to end
Mother Tears 1024x576 - Timeline

I'll be arriving early, to get establishing shots of the venues and the surroundings, making sure I know who's who, and then I'll be following you from the bridal preparations to the first dance and then some more. I don't limit my footage as I've found it makes for a far better and more interesting film. 

I follow your day, discreetly, in the background, capturing all the special moments. I'll put small microphones on the celebrant, the groom, and and readers and speakers just before the ceremony and the speeches. 

I work closely with the photographer, so we can both get the best shots for you both. 

I normally head off after the dancing has been going for a bit, unless you have special events happening which you want filmed.

If it's a very large wedding and you're having a second shooter or drone footage, I'll manage what they're shooting through the day as well, while you just, well, get married and enjoy the day

After your wedding
Backing up

The day after your wedding, I'll be backing up the footage I've taken to several drives so I've got multiple copies safely stored, and I do this wherever I am.  The files are huge so this will often take a day, and then as soon as I can,  I'll take the files into my editing program and review (all of) it before I start making any films.

Teaser / Trailer film
Leeds Garden 768x432 - Timeline

If you've included a teaser or trailer film in your package, I'll edit this first, so that you can have it within 3 days of your wedding (or when I get home, if it's a destination wedding)

Creating your wedding films
Veil Leeds 768x432 - Timeline

The magic starts now... you can relax, enjoy your honeymoon and newly married life, and I'll start the edits of your wedding...

If you want your videos really quickly, I offer priority editing at an extra cost. This means that I'll edit your films immediately, and you'll jump to the front of the editing queue, and you'll start to receive your films within 2 weeks.

Otherwise you can normally expect to receive your films within approximately 16 weeks of your wedding.

This is where the majority of the work happens. I sync up the audio and video from multiple cameras, select the right (fully licenced) music for your film and edit to the beat of it, optimise the audio, and create a personalised story of your day from the clips.

All my films have ambient audio and the vows and the ceremony, I don't just do a formulaic music montage.

And then before it's final, I correct and match the colour  across the clips and applying a suitable but natural colour grade to the final films. 

Approval and Delivery
Leeds Reception 768x432 - Timeline

When the films are ready, I'll send you a private link so you'll see your films first. 

You can choose to receive the films as they're edited or to receive them all together.

I then send you the download links for all the films. Generally I find people prefer this as they get their films as quickly as possible, but I can also organise personalised and engraved USB sticks for your films for an additional cost.

Recommendations and testimonials...
Makeup 3 768x432 - Timeline

I really hope you'll love your films as much as all my previous customers. From looking at my films you can see I have a documentary style of filming but with a cinematic look.   I love staying in touch with my brides afterwards, and hearing about their lives. And please do tell your friends and family about me; I'd love to film their wedding or event as well!