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Chances are you've been searching for information on wedding planning, and you've been bombarded with information!

But if you're looking for tips on how to have great wedding videos and photos, here are just 9 of the top tips I can give, to help you have a great experience on the day. Depending on where you're getting married, and how many people are attending your wedding, as well as what kind of wedding video or photos you'd like, I work closely with suppliers and yourselves to make sure you get the best out of your day.

9 mistakes to avoid for your wedding...

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Not having a wedding video

Did you know that 93% of couples who don’t get a professional wedding video regret it?

Photos and the videos are the only things that really last, and gain value after the event. For example the smiling face of a grandparent who’s no longer with you, or a video of you dancing with your father.

Or maybe you have friends and family that can’t be with you, and this is a way they can feel part of your day.


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Hiring friends instead of professionals

Your friend from college or work may have an amazing Instagram profile, but don’t you want someone who knows their way around professional equipment and editing software? And if you don't like what they do, it can get incredibly awkward, and you risk losing a friend. Professional wedding vendors should be at the top of your budget.

Investing in professional vendors means you can rely on them. They do this every weekend, they have experience, and your purchase is usually backed by a contract. Let your friends and family attend as guests...


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Not having a wet weather plan

It's amazing how often people picture their wedding to be warm and sunny, even though we live in a country where it often isn't!

If you're prepared and have a backup option for where the ceremony will take place if it pours with rain, then it won't matter, and you and your friends will be comfortable and still enjoy themselves.

Don't forget to factor in the temperature as well as the rain, so you have a nice jacket or cover-up to wear if you need it - and maybe even wedding wellies if you're outside!


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Definitely send out your timeline (or a condensed version of it) to your guests, it'll help get them excited about your day, and most people like to know what to expect and when. This is especially important for larger and more elaborate weddings, where you may need people to get from 'A' to 'B' by a certain time!

At each stage of the day, think about how people will know where they're meant to be, and who's going to help with making sure it all goes to plan.

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Wearing high heels all day...

It might sound like a small detail, but your footwear has a massive impact on the enjoyment of your day.

If you want to wear high heels, wear them for the ceremony and official pictures, and change to fun flats for the reception.

Nothing makes breaking it down on the dance floor less enjoyable than uncomfortable shoes and potential blisters. And being able to change into more comfortable shoes gives you more freedom in choosing walks or locations for great photos and videos, and to be warm and comfortable at the same time.

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