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Alain de Boton

The moment we cry in a film is not when things are sad but when they turn out to be more beautiful than we expected them to be.

Hybrid Photo and


Putting emotions first | ARt of LIFE FILMS & PHOTO

I offer digital photography, video and film photography for your wedding or special event—either working in a team, or offering hybrid video/photo options as a solo shooter.

Perhaps you’d like video, but only for certain aspects of the day, where photography simply isn’t enough to capture the emotion and the memories—yes, I’m particularly thinking of speeches, where video makes obvious sense to portray the sounds, the jokes, the laughter, even the tears. Sometimes it makes sense to opt for a hybrid video/photo option if filming the whole day isn’t a priority for you but you don’t want to miss out on the emotional impact of a wedding video.

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Pick and mix your options for photography and videos

You hire me for the day, and you can choose if you want me to focus on photography, video, analogue photograpy or a mix of them, or for me to provide a team offering full day coverage for both photography and video.

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Digital Photos

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Half day and full day options available, as well as hybrid film/video/photography options. Prints and albums also available as well as the digital images.

  • flexible hours
  • film/digital options
  • photo/video options
  • private online gallery

Video Packages

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Everything from a romantic and cinematic short highlight film to multiple films of your day along with separate videos for the ceremony and speeches.

  • package options
  • full day filming
  • full audio capture
  • professional editing

Film Photos

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Stunning film photography of your day with traditional 35mm and 120 cameras as well as Polaroid snaps. Choose to add-on or have full day shooting.

  • 35mm
  • 120 medium format
  • Polaroid
  • Super 8mm films
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Chat with me

If you’d like to know more about me or have questions about hiring a wedding videographer or photographer, please get in touch via my contact form. You can also email me directly or call or Whatsapp or text me if you prefer. I’ll then get back in touch to organise a video or phone chat with you to find out more about what you’d like for your special day.


Your wedding quote

After the call, I’ll send your wedding quote via my online system. I also include your contract, a questionnaire to capture the details of your day (don’t worry if you haven’t got all of these at the time of booking) and an invoice for your deposit. Everything is in one place for you, so it’s really simple and straightforward. You just need to accept the quote and follow the tabs at the top of the form. And of course if you have any questions, you can always call, text or email me.

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After you’ve booked me…

After accepting my quote online, and electronically signing the contract, filling in the questionnaire and sending the deposit, you’ll get a confirmation email from me. I love staying in touch with my couples so please do call me if you have any questions.

A month before your wedding day you’ll get a reminder to pay the balance of your invoice, and a few days before your wedding I’ll contact you to run through your questionnaire again to see if anything has changed. Plans often change, which is fine as long as I know in advance, just in case you’ve changed the times or places during the day (this happens more often than you might think!)

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We had initially decided not to have a wedding videographer but had a last minute change of heart and we are so glad that we did. Our wedding day seemed to go by unbelievably quickly and so it’s been wonderful to look back and remember all the little bits we’d already forgotten.