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Wedding film options and packages

All of my packages include all day filming and if you've got something special like fireworks planned please tell me!

My package prices are based on the number and the length of films you take after your wedding day, to reflect the amount of editing time required to create the videos.

Even if you just go for a highlight film, you can always upgrade later if you wish.

Beautiful bride at Dulwich College London 11 - Films





The Wedding CAke

The Shortcake

The Layer cake

Highlights film (5 to 6 minutes)

Full Ceremony

One videographer

Online gallery | download

Full day coverage

See 'Extra Toppings' below for add-on films

Highlights film (5 to 6 minutes)

One videographer

Online gallery | download

Full day coverage

See 'Extra Toppings' below for add-on films

Extended Highlights film (8 to 10 minutes)

Full Ceremony

Full Speeches

1 minute Teaser film

One videographer

Online gallery | download

Full day coverage

Contact me for other options

022 Badminton House July 2023 45 - Films

wedding cake 1 - Films

The Shortcake

You'll get a highlight film of the all the best bits of the day and it's normally about 5 to 6 minutes long. I film with one or two cameras, capture all the audio and stay for the whole day.

wedding cake 2 - Films

The layer cake

You get the same highlight film as the Shortcake with all the best bits from the whole day, but you'll also receive the complete ceremony with all the audio and edited with the best clips from before and after the ceremony.

The wedding Cake

wedding cake 3 - Films

You get an extended highlight film, of approximately 8 to 12 minutes long, with more of the best clips from the day, a teaser film of between 1 an 2 minutes, as well as the full ceremony and the full speeches.

What's the difference between the packages?

Extra Toppings

Dress 6 - Films

I offer a variety of optional add-on extras with my film packages. If you'd like to add any of these on, just let me know. You can add these on at any time, even after the wedding, for some of the film options!

Teasers | trailers


Second shooter

Drone footage




Additional days




Full day wedding filming options

Feature film


Carmella 6 - Films

Extended Highlights


If you want a slightly longer film than the one offered in the Shortcake package, you can have an Extended Highlights film—so you'd receive a highlights film of between 12 to 18 minutes, with more footage from the day, or any specific parts of the day that you'd like included.

All films include audio from throughout the day as well as high quality music.

The Director's Cut

Cake 2 Edit - Films


This includes all the films I offer for weddings and it's basically everything! The price for this may also include drone footage (subject to weather conditions and restrictions) and a second shooter.

—Two videographers
—a highlights film of around 5 minutes

—20-35 minute Feature film
—Full Ceremony and Speeches as separate films

—a teaser/trailer film (1 minute long and ideal for sharing on social media)

Photo and Film Packages


I can either offer photography or film for the day. If you need a photographer or alternative videographer I'm more than happy to offer a referral.

A referral is where your contract is direct with the other party. I only recommend trusted associates who I've worked with before, and I don't add on extra costs for referring a photographer. What they normally charge is what you'll pay, nothing extra.

Special Deals

Tablescape 4 - Films
kiss on the beach isle of lewis elopement - Films

Split wedding | reception

Elopements | destination weddings



Maybe you've decided to move away from a traditional wedding to getting away for an elopement style wedding. Elopement and destination weddings offer you the opportunity to tailor your wedding so it's meaningful and unique to you both, and is often a more practical option.

If you've decided to have a ceremony only wedding because of social distancing restrictions, or an elopement style wedding, I offer discounted packages if you're having a blessing and/or a larger reception some time after the wedding.

package options tailored for you

package options tailored for you

ideal way to combine elopements with a larger gathering later

expert advice on photo locations

multiple day shooting available

flexible back-up date options

photography and/or video options

footage in separate and/or joint films

all travel expenses included in quotes

the creative possibilites are endless!

groom places ring on brides finger at Leeds Castle - Films

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