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It’s one of the most momentous days of your life. You’re getting married to someone you love more than anything in the world, with friends and family around you, all joining in with you to celebrate your love, and to laugh and have fun.

Regardless of whether you’ve been planning for weeks or months, you put so much your energy and creativity into making your day uniquely yours.

People will tell you that having a photographer is enough, but according to the Huffington Post, 98% of brides who don’t hire a professional videographer, wish they had. And every single reluctant bride I’ve filmed has been ecstatic that they had a film made, and was so glad they made the right decision for them.

If you’re still wondering, here’s seven reasons why you really might want to budget for a professional videographer when you decide to tie the knot:

1. Your memories captured forever:
Your day will pass in a flash. Everything goes so fast on that day, and some special memories of the little things fade so fast unless you’re reminded of them. A wedding video captures the action from before the wedding right up to partying and the first dance in a way that photographs can’t, with sound, expresssions, movement and real emotions.

2. Getting a different perspective
You can only be in one place at a time, but a video can capture  everything, especially if you hire more than one videographer. So the groom can see afterwards the bridal preparations, as well as special moments, like your guests’ expressions of joy as the ring goes on your finger.

3. A family keepsake to treasure
Weddings are one of the few occasions all your family and friends come together and there’s something really special about being able to look back and hear and see your loved ones taking part in your special day. Especially children, who grow up so fast, but also mothers and fathers and grandparents – just imagine how wonderful it will be in decades to come  to see your family and friends connecting with each other; a moving snapshot of what they were like at that time.

4. Reliving candid and fun moments
Video has come a long way since those boring three hour videos from the 70s and 80s. Multiple camera angles, high quality sound and video capture, good quality licensed music and professional editing can give you a video you’ll want to watch over and over and that your friends and family will love as well.

5. Connecting with absent family and friends
It’s not always possible for those you really want to be there to make it, even if they wish they could. What better way to share your day with them than a  film that captures the emotion and fun of your day? Video is a great way to show them what happened, and with sound, they’ll almost feel they were there with you.

6. A living social history to look back on in the decades to come
Imagine in decades to come; your children, grand-children  and great-grand-children will be able to see how you and your family were, what you were like as people, what you cared about, your style, and even what you wore and drank. A candid ‘fly-on-the-wall’ video is one of the best ways to capture you and your family as you really are on the day; they’ll feel even more able to relate to you and the people who are special to you.

7. Capturing real emotions and connections
The emotional impact of video, with moving images, people’s voices and music is so strong. Still and staged photographs of posed groups and objects are beautiful to have, but they can’t capture the story of your day and what you’re like in the same way a wedding film can.

The right videographer for you
Please, whatever you do, don’t get a friend or your Uncle Bob to set up his camera to record if a wedding video is important to you. For a start, he’s unlikely to be insured (supposing someone trips over his tripod and then sues you or him?).

Weddings are fast-moving and need careful planning and preparation before and on the day itself; and a professional videographer has experience, as and is well prepared capture good footage that really tells the story, as well as able to work seamlessly with your photographer.

Contact me to have a chat about your wedding – it costs nothing!
Please feel free to email me through my contact form page, to find out if I’m free for your wedding day, to talk to me about the kind of wedding video you’d like.

I’m happy to give you the lowdown on what’s involved in making the video of your day, and give you tips on how to get the best video of your day.   Maybe you know nothing Or  maybe you’re creative and already have very clear ideas about what you’d like filmed – if so, I’ll connect and work with you to make this happen.

I’m also transparent about my costs, so there’s no nasty surprises. My rates include filming everything, just in case you change your mind about what films you’d like of the day afterwards.  All my films are tailor-made for your day, so if you want something different, that’s fine, just let me know, I’ll make it happen and give you clear and all-inclusive prices upfront.proprofe

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Groom buttonhole flower best man wedding blackstock country estate - Do you need a wedding video?


The groom and best man putting the final tweaks to their outfits before the ceremony in the Tudor Barn at Blackstock Country Estate in Hellingly, East Sussex, near Eastbourne.

Tudor Barn Blackstock Country Estate wedding ceremony - Do you need a wedding video?

"You're my best friend, my soulmate, and I love you..."

Wedding shoes engraved messages - Do you need a wedding video?
couple photo video wedding kiss at blackstock country estate - Do you need a wedding video?


Beautiful words and a beautiful couple...

Adam and Louise share a moment in the grounds of Blackstock Country Estate before their first dance and the evening celebrations.