Sylvia and David — grandeur and glamour at their wedding at Hever, in an English castle

Hever Castle

51.1869° N, 0.1139° E – Edenbridge, Kent


East meets West: a magical international wedding location in an grand castle…

You could be forgiven for thinking your wedding was taking place in Italy, so authentic is the Italian loggia at Hever Castle, in the heart of Kent.

Sylvia and David’s wedding was even more unique as they had a fusion wedding at this magical location, with 130 guests who flew in from all over the world to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

The couple have lived in London for years but they wanted to include traditional Chinese customs in their wedding, as well having a Christian blessing at St Peter’s, a church right next to the castle.

They started in Medley Court, next to the castle and started the day with door games, as series of challenges set by the Maid of Honour and the bridesmaids for the groom, his best man and other groomsmen. The men have to pass all of the challenges before the groom is allowed to see the bride in her traditional Chinese wedding dress.

This is followed by tea ceremonies for each side of the couple’s families, to show respect and gratitude for what their families have done for them and also to receive wedding gifts in the form of red envelopes (usually containing money) and jewellery.

Stately castle? Check. Country manor house? Check? Italian gardens? Check.

The bride then changed into her white wedding dress and they organised a first look for the groom and the guests before heading down to the Italian loggia for the civil ceremony. The loggia overlooks the spectacular 38-acre lake and has a gorgeous replica of the Treviso fountain which is perfect for cocktails and fizz and snacks and photos after the ceremony.

The evening reception took place next door to the loggia, in the Guthrie Pavilion, which also overlooks the lake and comfortably fitted all their guests. It’s a perfect space, with plenty of space for dancing.

Hever Castle and its grounds are exquisite, there are so many beautiful locations for couple shots, from the rose garden to the Japanese bridge or the tea house, to the secret garden in the middle of the grounds.

The couple had a second wedding in China a few months later for the relatives that couldn’t make it to the UK and their English wedding film was shown again for them to see.

It really is an unforgettable location that caters equally well for smaller weddings as well as larger gatherings.

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