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Bride post wedding - Wedding Videographer and Photographer for Hire


I can either drive myself to the venues, or I can travel by train/bus and travel with you if you prefer.

My rates include up to 10 hours of coverage and I normally use my own memory cards or SSD drive for recording.

I currently shoot with Canon and can give you more information on what kit I use on request.

I've also had experience of using Nikon cameras for both photography and filming. I have experience of using a wide variety of sound devices for recording, both in and off camera.

I've been a photographer for more than 15 years, but moved over to wedding filming about three years ago as I really love working with sound and motion, and telling a story with the footage I shoot.

I have a natural documentary style but I've been told my shots are very aesthetically beautiful which I put down to my photographic background.

I primarily work with video now but I'm also available for photography second shooting.

I'm based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. I'm available to shoot anywhere subject to travel costs and accommodation being covered (and sometimes visas).





Second Shooting

Solo Shooting

£85 per day for car expenses in the UK

Train/bus fares at cost

Hotel and flight costs depend on the location of the shoot

£350 for up to 8 hours

£700 for up to 8 hours

—Canon Shooter with both zooms and primes

—Experienced second shooter

—Female videographer

—Kent based

—Wedding, corporate and branding shooting

—Filming and photography

—Travel within the UK and some overseas countries

—English native speaker

—Fluent Spanish speaker

—Project management skills

—4k and 1080p filming

More about Me...

A quick summary of what I can offer:

Although I'm an experienced wedding filmmaker and film my own weddings, I enjoy working with others as well as getting the opportunity to film in amazing places I wouldn't normally get the opportunity to go to.

I'm sensitive to your style and if you're interested in hiring me I'll always check out your style. Most people have shots they like to capture, or certain angles or levels, and I'll take that into account, so my footage can blend in as much as possible with yours.

If you look at my films you'll also see what I tend to do, and also what I don't do. I don't use a gimbal, so if this is something you really need, then I'm not the right solo or second shooter for you.

I always aim to capture a wide variety of clips that can be used either together or with other shots to tell the story of the day. If you have any specific shots you want, I'll also bear this mind.



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Free Second Shooter Checklist

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The best way to contact me is via this contact form or directly via email. Any messages sent to me via Facebook or Instagram may never be received.

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It doesn't matter how small or large your wedding, or where it is, I'd love to hear from you if you're looking for wedding videos or photos.




+44 (0)7963 506636

32 Newton Road
Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1RU