Love at first sight—glamour and elegance at Leeds Castle

A dream come true...susanna and Barry's wedding at Leeds Castle

What's really lovely about this venue is that everything is under one roof, so the guests and the couple don't have to worry about driving anywhere and can just enjoy themselves, as everything from bridal preparation to catering and the evening dancing with the DJ takes place in one place. You're so spoilt for choice for places to pose outside for photos and everything is just beautifully formed there.

I'll never forget the look of joy on both their faces and how happy they were to be getting married and they made a really gorgeous looking couple who were obviously totally and madly in love with each other. Leeds Castle felt magical, and just perfect for them and their special day.

Susanna and Barry were in two minds about having a videographer at their wedding, but Susanna's mother really wanted her to have a film of her day. Susanna was worried she wouldn't look good in the video, and I think Barry was also reluctant, in fact we agreed that I would focus on the bridal preparation, the ceremony and the guests, and not film his speech.

So you can imagine I was so delighted when she rang me after I sent over the film to the couple to tell me she loved it and had never thought she would look so beautiful in the video.

They got married in the Maiden's Tower at Leeds Castle, which has its own perfectly formed courtyard garden, as well as stunning bridal preparation rooms upstairs.

Leeds Castle, Near Maidstone, Kent.

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First Dance - Love at first sight—glamour and elegance at Leeds Castle

A segway surprise for the wedding couple!

51.2487° N, 0.6298° E Leeds Castle, near Maidstone, Kent

Normally you'd just expect to see geese and ducks in the grounds at Leeds Castle and it's not everyday you get a gaggle of Segway riders passing by, so I quickly turned the camera to catch them as they passed by and wished the couple well!

Love at first dance...

A very romantic and loving dance as the evening celebrations start at their wedding at Maiden's Tower, Leeds Castle.

Mother and Daughter

Mother and daughter getting ready for the wedding

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Hilary the Harpist - Love at first sight—glamour and elegance at Leeds Castle

Leeds castle

Maiden's Tower, Leeds Castle



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Mother Tears 3 - Love at first sight—glamour and elegance at Leeds Castle

We weren’t planning on hiring a videographer but decided a few weeks before the big day that it was something we wanted.

Bride post wedding - Love at first sight—glamour and elegance at Leeds Castle