008 b60b7 film photography Ardington House Fran Dan 2023 2 - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford

vintage analogue film photography at a gorgeous stately home

Fran & Dan

When Izzy Elliot invited me to join her as a second shooter for Fran and Dan's wedding at Ardington House, near Oxford, I couldn't have been more thrilled. This Georgian marquee venue, nestled in the heart of Oxfordshire's countryside, is a blend of grandeur and elegance and it's simply breathtaking. One of the standout features? A secluded 'island' complete with a charming wedding temple for those seeking a unique ceremony. With a capacity for 50 to 200 guests, it's an ideal setting for both the ceremony and the wedding feast in one location.

The couple wanted 35mm, medium format, and Polaroid film photography for analogue photography, which gave me lots of

different ways to capture creative shots of their wedding, in both black and white and colour.

35mm wedding film photography

Film Photography: An authentically Vintage Touch in a Digital Age

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0016 c216b ArdingtonHouse Fran Dan 2023 - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford


For this wedding I was asked to produce a wide variety of photos, ranging from the venue and the details, to posed formal shots as well as candid documentary styles.

0036 5854b Film photographer ArdingtonHouse Fran Dan 2023 - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford

For this wedding I used high quality black and white and colour films from Kodak and Ilford to ensure consistent tones and quality throughout the day.

0015 0c64b ArdingtonHouse Fran Dan 2023 2 - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford


For this wedding, I used both medium format and 35mm SLR cameras, as well as a Polaroid camera, to capture a wide variety of film photos of Fran and Dan's day, from before the ceremony to the first dance and the evening celebrations.

001 7f6af MF Ardington House Fran Dan posed photos 2023 2 2 - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford
005 Dan Fran Ardington House - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford

Gloriously happy... the bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception

007 Dan Fran Ardington House - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford

The groom waiting for his bride on 'Temple island' at Ardington House


006 Dan Fran Ardington House - Wedding film (photography) at Ardington House, Oxford

For a real vintage feel, you can opt for some of your photos to be shot on Polaroid. I use traditional vintage Polaroid cameras to capture these with the signature 'square' Polaroid look.

The view from the cake of the wedding reception in the Marquee at Ardington House

Film photography: Why not Have A Unique 'something old' at your wedding?

If you're interested in having analogue film photos taken of your day, either as a second shooter or a main shooter, why not get in touch to check if I'm free for your date, let me know your budget if you have one, as well as tell me about you both and all about your wedding day.

Essays are welcome—I love hearing all about weddings!

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FAQs about Film Photography

How many images will I get?

Do you offer hourly or half-day rates?

This is really down to you but normally if you hire me as a second shooter you can expect to see around 125 to 350 photos—it really depends on how many you want and decide to pay for. I don't take nearly as many photos as a digital photographer but I have a very high rate of 'keepers' (meaning they're good photos) as I'll have carefully chosen the composition, lighting and colours for the shot.

If I'm your main photographer then we'll agree the balance of digital and/or film photographs that you'd like me to shoot. If you want more analogue photos that's an option too, but the developing and scanning costs will need to be added on.

If you're local to Tunbridge Wells (I live in the centre) then I offer hourly and half-day or shorter day rates for film photography.

If your wedding venue is further away, or you're using multiple venues for your wedding, I'll need to charge for travel time or a full day (whichever is cheaper).

I'm able to travel anywhere in the UK and overseas, but I would need to add on additional costs for accommodation and any visa/carnet requirements.

Do you work as a main shooter or a second shooter?

How long does it take to get my film photos?

I offer myself as both; I love second shooting as it means I can take the time to get some amazing angles and capture unique shots of your day and I love working alongside a main shooter.

If you hire me as your main shooter, I will also bring my digital camera and. you can expect a hybrid of digital and film photographs from your day. You can either hire me directly or via your planner if you're using one.

It's possible I'll get the scans back from the lab within 2 to 3 weeks; so much quicker than for digital as there's almost no editing required for film photos—the picture is created at the time of taking and the 'look' and the gorgeouos grain comes from the camera and the film itself.

If you're having Polaroid photos, normally I'll send these over in the post once they've fully developed, as I also scan these for you.

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