Elegant glamour from the 20s for Aylin and James at The Spa Hotel

The spa Hotel

51.1307° N, 0.2464° E – Tunbridge Wells, Kent

‘we want to have footage of it all happening,

to look back and relive the best moments’


British weather is notoriously fickle, and even in summer, often even on the day you can’t tell if the heavens will open on you, or if you’ll have glorious sunshine.

Some brides just go into denial over the weather but not Aylin and James; and fortunately they’d picked The Spa Hotel for their wedding, a perfect choice, as I would argue that its wet weather alternative, The Chandelier Room, is even more glamorous than the Temple outside.

Just as you’d expect from the name, the room has enormous glass and gold chandeliers hanging down, from a really high ceiling. You are surrounded by huge double aspect windows, overlooking exotic trees and colourful rhododendrons.

It’s so redolent of the elegance and luxury of the twenties’ era. I immediately think of the Great Gatsby and dancing couples when I see this room. And of course, in decadent 1920s style, it has a mirrored and elegant bar in the corner that fits in perfectly.

It’s an incredibly light room and so grand. There’s more than enough space to socially distance in this room and be comfortable; pre-Covid, theatre style, this room can hold 140 guests.

There were 30 present in total, including the couple, Aylin and James, who chose this wedding venue partly because it looked really great, both inside and outside, but was also still easy for all the guests to get to. It’s a really comfortable but also grand country hotel with gorgeous grounds and also has a swimming pool.

After the ceremony, champagne was served and then the wedding party moved to the Royal Suite for the main reception.This is yet another really spacious and grand looking room with pale decor and furnishings that suit weddings perfectly.

The bridesmaids wore different outfits in blush pink, and the groomsmen had matching ties. I loved the fact that several of them had matching blush pink masks. Okay, we’d far rather not wear them, but I thought it really worked to have them coordinate with the outfits.

The couple love music, food, going out (when allowed!) and seeing their friends and family, and wanted videos to remember the day, and have footage of it all happening, to look back on and relive the best moments, so I provided them with a highlights film of just over 5 minutes long, as well as a long film. In short, a fun time, without a million masks – a celebration!!!!

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