Bride and groom hold hands at their wedding at Leeds Castle - 5 reasons I’m the right videographer for your wedding

Choosing the right wedding videographer is big decision…

I love what I do, and I’ve loved every wedding I’ve worked on. I may not be the right videographer for everyone, but I know there are also couples who I’m perfect for.

Hiring someone to film your wedding is a big decision as it’s one of the most important days of your life, and often a significant investment. And below are five reasons to choose me as your videographer for your big day.

Five reasons why...

You like my style...

You love the idea of having more than one angle of the ceremony and the speeches, so you get a more interesting video, with flattering shots, the real sounds and talking from the day, unusual angles and a good flow to the edit. I’ve often had brides tell me they can’t believe how beautiful and in love they look and sound, and being video, it’s so much more real than photos.

I'm a documentary style videographer that loves to include cinematic shots, to capture the best story of you and your day, and without getting in the way.


You value the personal touch

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Before you book, I usually have video chat with you both. You get to see and hear me, and we’ll talk about your wedding and what’s important to you both. I also send you a questionnaire, with more detailed questions and then follow up with another call.

In my opinion, it’s a really worthwhile process and it often flags up things you might not have thought about which you realise are important to you, sometimes not just for the film.

I really care about you feeling comfortable with me in advance of the wedding, and also that you get a bespoke and unique video – and this is which is why I take time with you.


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A film that tells the whole story

You can’t be in all places at once and my couples (and their friends and family) love being surprised by seeing what’s happened elsewhere during the day, for example, the banter of the best man with his mates, the laughter at the bridal preparation, the groom waiting for his beautiful bride.

You'll be so busy the day will whoosh past, and just a few days later, you may be hard-pressed to remember all of it, especially the funny and sweet bits.


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195A9404 - 5 reasons I’m the right videographer for your wedding

The banter of the groomsmen, the gasps of amazement as people see you in your beautiful dress, or those precious words from your grandfather or your father just before you get married.

I love to capture the actual sounds of the day of your ceremony, and the ambient sounds of the people and where you are.

I do use music but it doesn't drown out the sounds of the day, and I use high quality licensed music for the cuts where I include this.